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Hållbara Kvillebäcken – en studie om innovativa lösningar

Sara Brorström (Gothenburg Research Institute (GRI) ; Mistra Urban Futures)
Göteborg : Chalmers University of Technology, 2014.

This paper reports a study of Kvillebäcken, a city district in Gothenburg that has got financial support by the Delegation for Susta inable Cities to develop sustaina ble innovative solutions. The aim of the financial support is to create a sustainable city based on the three dimensions of sustainabil ity, the economic, the ecologic and the social. The support was , in the case of Kvillebäcken, granted for six projects that will be evalutated after the project s are reported in the end of 2014. The research focuses on how innovative ideas can be created and implem ented in an urban context and what the hinders as well as possibilities are. Interviews and observations have been carried throught during the process, and it has thus been possible to follow the pro jects in real time. The data - collection is based on a embedded - reserarch design. The analyse in this paper is based on litterature of cities and innovations. The aim is also to discuss how public organisations can be innovative and co ntribute to litteratu re with this focus .

Mistra Urban Futures Papers 2014:2

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