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Observation of Long-Range Three-Body Coulomb Effects in the Decay of Ne-16

K. W. Brown ; R. J. Charity ; L. G. Sobotka ; Z. Chajecki ; L. V. Grigorenko ; I. A. Egorova ; Y. L. Parfenova ; Mikhail V. Zhukov (Institutionen för fundamental fysik) ; S. Bedoor ; W. W. Buhro ; J. M. Elson ; W. G. Lynch ; J. Manfredi ; D. G. McNeel ; W. Reviol ; R. Shane ; R. H. Showalter ; M. B. Tsang ; J. R. Winkelbauer ; A. H. Wuosmaa
Physical Review Letters (0031-9007). Vol. 113 (2014), 23, p. Art. no. 232501.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

The interaction of an E/A = 57.6-MeV Ne-17 beam with a Be target is used to populate levels in Ne-16 following neutron knockout reactions. The decay of 16Ne states into the three-body O-14 + p + p continuum is observed in the High Resolution Array (HiRA). For the first time for a 2p emitter, correlations between the momenta of the three decay products are measured with sufficient resolution and statistics to allow for an unambiguous demonstration of their dependence on the long-range nature of the Coulomb interaction. Contrary to previous measurements, our measured limit Gamma < 80 keV for the intrinsic decay width of the ground state is not in contradiction to the small values (of the order of keV) predicted theoretically.

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