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Pull-out of textile reinforcement in concrete

Natalie Williams Portal (Institutionen för bygg- och miljöteknik, Konstruktionsteknik) ; I. F. Perez ; L. N. Thrane ; Karin Lundgren (Institutionen för bygg- och miljöteknik, Konstruktionsteknik)
Construction and Building Materials (0950-0618). Vol. 71 (2014), p. 63-71.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

Textile Reinforced Concrete (TRC) has emerged as a promising novel alternative offering corrosion resistance and both thinner and light-weight structures. Although TRC has been extensively researched, the formalization of experimental methods and design standards is still in progress. The aim of this work was to extract local-bond behaviour from pull-out tests of basalt and carbon TRC and utilize these in both simple (1D) and advanced models (3D) to yield the global structural behaviour. The simulation results from the 1D and 3D models are able to simulate the complex behaviour of TRC with a reasonable level of correlation.

Nyckelord: Textile Reinforced Concrete (TRC); Bond-slip; Pull-out tests; Experimental tests; Finite-element modelling

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