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Proton response of CEPA4: A novel LaBr3(Ce)-LaCl3(Ce) phoswich array for high-energy gamma and proton spectroscopy

E. Nacher ; Mikael Mårtensson (Institutionen för fundamental fysik) ; O. Tengblad ; H. Alvarez-Pol ; M. Bendel ; D. Cortina-Gil ; R. Gernhauser ; T. Le Bleis ; A. Maj ; Thomas Nilsson (Institutionen för fundamental fysik) ; A. Perea ; B. Pietras ; G. Ribeiro ; J. S. del Rio ; J. S. Rosado ; Andreas Martin Heinz (Institutionen för fundamental fysik) ; B. Szpak ; M. Winkel ; M. Zieblinski
Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research Section a-Accelerators Spectrometers Detectors and Associated Equipment (0168-9002). Vol. 769 (2015), p. 105-111.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

A new phoswich array, for the detection of high-energy protons and gamma rays from nuclear reactions, has been built. This new detector consists of four individual closely packed scintillator detectors, each of them made of 4 cm of LaBr3(Ce) and G cm of LaCl3(Ce) in phoswich configuration (optically coupled and with a common readout). In this paper we report on the results of a beam test performed at the Bronowice Cyclotron Centre (CCB) in Krakow, showing the response of this versatile instrument to high energy protons (70-230 MeV). Furthermore, for the first time we prove that we can reconstruct the original energy of fast protons (E > 200 MeV) which pass through the total length of the crystal while still retaining a good energy resolution.

Nyckelord: Phoswich; LaBr3(Ce); LaCl3(Ce); Pulse-shape analysis; Spectroscopy; Proton detector

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