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ORCiD @ Chalmers: Membership and implementation

Urban Andersson (Chalmers bibliotek) ; Susanne Hansson (Chalmers bibliotek) ; Martina Ramstedt (Chalmers bibliotek)
Open Repositories 2014, June 9-13, Helsinki, Finland (2014)
[Konferensbidrag, poster]

Chalmers University became an institutional member of the ORCID community in June 2013. The membership, as well as the local ORCID services and support, is coordinated and maintained by the university library.

Since then we have completed the first phase of the implementation of ORCID id:s at the university - including a pilot project, in which we worked closely together with one of the research departments, and the development of a new easy-to-use web service for the creation of ORCID id:s and for connecting these – and existing id:s - to the university infrastructure, by the use of API:s provided by ORCID and corresponding systems.

This service was launched in January 2014 and can be found at orcid.chalmers.se.

The proposed poster will demonstrate the current status of our project and what has been done up until now - including workflows, infrastructure integration, technical implementation and, of course, detailed screenshots to illustrate the different parts of the process.

It will also include our key experiences so far, as well as to try and provide a quick look into the future and what our next steps might be.

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