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Postprandial lipid and insulin responses among healthy, overweight men to mixed meals served with baked herring, pickled herring or baked, minced beef

Cecilia Svelander (Institutionen för biologi och bioteknik, Livsmedelsvetenskap) ; Britt G. Gabrielsson (Institutionen för biologi och bioteknik, Livsmedelsvetenskap) ; Annette Almgren (Institutionen för biologi och bioteknik, Livsmedelsvetenskap) ; Johan Gottfries ; Johan Olsson ; Ingrid Undeland (Institutionen för biologi och bioteknik, Livsmedelsvetenskap) ; Ann-Sofie Sandberg (Institutionen för biologi och bioteknik, Livsmedelsvetenskap)
European Journal of Nutrition (1436-6207). Vol. 54 (2015), 6, p. 945-958.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

PURPOSE: The aim was to compare postprandial lipid, insulin and vitamin D responses after consumption of three otherwise identical meals served either with baked herring, pickled herring or with baked, minced beef. METHODS: Seventeen healthy, overweight men (mean age 58 years, BMI 26.4-29.5 kg/m2) consumed standardized lunches together with baked herring, pickled herring or baked, minced beef on three occasions in a crossover design. Blood samples were taken just before and up to 7 h after the meal. The postprandial response was measured as serum concentrations of triglycerides (TG), total cholesterol and lipoproteins (LDL, HDL and VLDL), insulin, 25-OH vitamin D and plasma fatty acid composition. RESULTS: There was no difference in postprandial lipid responses between the two herring meals, whereas a slower TG clearance was observed after the baked, minced beef meal. The 150 g servings of baked and pickled herring provided 3.3 and 2.8 g of long-chain n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (LC n-3 PUFA), respectively, which was reflected in a substantial postprandial increase in plasma LC n-3 PUFA levels. The pickled herring contained 22 % sugar and consequently gave a higher insulin response compared with the other two meals. CONCLUSIONS: Both pickled and baked herring are good sources of LC n-3 PUFA in the diet, but the presence of sugar in pickled herring should be taken into consideration, especially if large amounts are consumed. The faster postprandial TG clearance after a meal with baked herring compared with baked beef supports previous studies on the beneficial effects of herring on cardiovascular health.

Nyckelord: Postprandial, Triglycerides, Insulin, Whole foods, n-3 Fatty acids

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