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Modelling of road profiles using roughness indicators

Pär Johannesson ; Igor Rychlik (Institutionen för matematiska vetenskaper, matematisk statistik)
International Journal of Vehicle Design (0143-3369). Vol. 66 (2014), 4, p. 317-346.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

The vertical road input is the most important load for durability assessments of vehicles. We focus on stochastic modelling of the road profile with the aim to find a simple but still useful model. The proposed nonstationary Laplace model with ISO spectrum has only two parameters, and can be efficiently estimated from a sequence of roughness indicators, such as IRI or ISO roughness coefficient. Thus, a road profile can be stochastically reconstructed from roughness indicators. Further, explicit approximations for the fatigue damage due to Laplace roads are developed. The usefulness of the proposed Laplace-ISO model is validated for eight measured road profiles.

Nyckelord: road surface profile; road irregularity; Laplace process; non-Gaussian process; PSD; power spectral density; ISO spectrum; road roughness coefficient; IRI; international roughness index; vehicle durability; fatigue damage

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