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M.J. Mazzetti ; N.H. Eldrup ; K.L. Anthonsen ; H.A. Haugen ; K. Onarheim ; P.E.S. Bergmo ; Jan Kjärstad (Institutionen för energi och miljö, Energiteknik) ; Filip Johnsson (Institutionen för energi och miljö, Energiteknik) ; P. Stigson ; S.R. Gislason ; N.A. Rökke
Energy Procedia (1876-6102). Vol. 51 (2013), p. 1-13.
[Artikel, övrig vetenskaplig]

The Nordic CCS roadmap is developed in the NORDICCS project, a collaborative research project between leading CCS research institutions in the five Nordic countries. The roadmap will outline jointly developed Nordic strategies for widespread implementation of CCS in the Nordic countries in order to help Nordic industries meet a carbon constrained future with a high price on carbon emissions. It will identify pathways and milestones for large-scale Nordic implementation of CCS resulting in beneficial economies of scale that will increase the likelihood of implementation. Several novel cases will be presented that reveal future Nordic opportunities, including industrial CCS where emitters have large point sources of CO2 localized in clusters, and natural gas sweetening with the potential for use of Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) to defray the costs. Recommendations will be made for actions relating to joint political work in the Nordic region for improving the framework conditions for CCS.

Nyckelord: Carbon Capture, CCS, Implementation, Nordic countries, Roadmap, Storage

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