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Quality Assessment of Self-Calibration with Distortion Estimation for Grid Point Images

Zlatko Franjcic (Institutionen för tillämpad informationsteknologi, Interaktionsdesign (Chalmers)) ; Johan Bondeson
The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences (1682-1750). Vol. XL-3 (2014), p. 95-99.
[Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat]

Recently, a camera self-calibration algorithm was reported which solves for pose, focal length and radial distortion using a minimal set of four 2D-to-3D point correspondences. In this paper, we present an empirical analysis of the algorithm's accuracy using high-fidelity point correspondences. In particular, we use images of circular markers arranged in a regular planar grid, obtain the centroids of the marker images, and pass those as input point correspondences to the algorithm. We compare the resulting reprojection errors against those obtained from a benchmark calibration based on the same data. Our experiments show that for low-noise point images the self-calibration technique performs at least as good as the benchmark with a simplified distortion model.

Nyckelord: Self-Calibration, Gröbner basis, Bundle Adjustment, Image Distortion, Planar Pattern, Performance Analysis

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