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The Instability Book: a gallery of polymer melt extrusion instabilities

Roland Kádár (Institutionen för material- och tillverkningsteknik, Polymera material och kompositer)
: Apple iBooks Store, 2014. - 14 s.

This interactive book is designed for anyone interested in polymer melt extrusion instabilities. It is aimed to serve as an introductory overview of the nonlinear phenomena observed during the extrusion of polyethylene melts. In this ebook we present optical evidence of some of the instabilities observed during the extrusion of polyethylene melts. An experimental system capable to detect these instabilities is also presented, i.e. a high sensitivity mechanical pressure instability detection system.

Nyckelord: rheology, capillary rheometry, polymer melts, nonlinear phenomena, interactive ebook

The interactive ebook is designed to explore the possibilities of implementing touch-based textbooks for higher education. The ebook is designed for viewing on iPads but can also be viewed on Macs. The download is free of charge.

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