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Novel type of Cu(II) complex containing Schiff base

Vratislav Langer (Institutionen för oorganisk miljökemi) ; Pavel Mach ; Dalma Gyepesova ; Maria Kohutova ; Aladar Valent
Abstracts, ECM-22, 26-31 August 2004, Budapest, Hungary, Acta Cryst. Vol. A60 (2004), p. 221.
[Konferensbidrag, övrigt]

Recently, special interest has been devoted to the group of copper(II) complexes containing Schiff bases, derived from salicylaldehyde and various amino acids, and N-, or O- donor neutral ligands due to their biological activities. From this group of substances the structures of (N- salicylidene-racglutamato)(1-methylimidazole)Cu(II), (N-salicylidenerac-glutamato)(2-methylimidazole)Cu(II), (N-salicylidene-L-glutamato)(2-ethylimidazole)Cu(II) and aqua(Nsalicylidene-methylester-L-glutamato)Cu(II)monohydrate have been determined. Electronic structure of these compounds has been investigated by the B3LYP method. A continuation of these studies is a new complex transbis(ethanol)tetrakis(imidazole)Cu(II)(2+) bis[µ-(N-salicylidene-L-glutamato-N,O)-κO:κO´-(imidazole)Cu(II)](2-)presented here.This complex has quite spectacular structural features. Both ions are located on inverse centre. The cation is mononuclear, while the anion is binuclear. The quantum chemical calculation of the electronic structure has also been done by the B3LYP method.

Nyckelord: Cu(II) complex, Schiff base, B3LYP method

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