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Chapter 8 Hydrodynamic Processes Controlling Cavitation Erosion

Göran Bark (Institutionen för sjöfart och marin teknik, Marine Design) ; Rickard Bensow (Institutionen för sjöfart och marin teknik, Marine Design)
K.-H. Kim et al. (eds.), Advanced Experimental and Numerical Techniques for Cavitation Erosion Prediction, Fluid Mechanics and Its Applications 106, Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht 2014 p. 185-220. (2014)

In this chapter we consider development of cavitation erosion having its origin in the sheet cavitation on the hydrofoils and propeller blades. The discussion includes generation of cloud cavitation by processes related to sheet cavity dynamics and how a cloud collapse can be enhanced by energy cascading from the collapse of a sheet cavity into the collapse of a cloud. A decomposition of the cavitation process leads to the basis for a conceptual model for description and analysis of the generation of erosion by mixed glassy and cloud cavitation. This model is made up of ten Analysis Models identifying the large to moderately small-scale events to be traced for unfolding behaviors that can control erosion.

Nyckelord: Hydrodynamics, cavitation, erosion

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