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Non-Lagrangian theories from brane junctions

Ling Bao (Institutionen för fundamental fysik) ; V. Mitev ; E. Pomoni ; M. Taki ; F. Yagi
Journal of High Energy Physics (1029-8479). 1, p. Art. no. 175. (2014)
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

In this article we use 5-brane junctions to study the 5D T N SCFTs corresponding to the 5D N = 1 uplift of the 4D N = 2 strongly coupled gauge theories, which are obtained by compactifying N M5 branes on a sphere with three full punctures. Even though these theories have no Lagrangian description, by using the 5-brane junctions proposed by Benini, Benvenuti and Tachikawa, we are able to derive their Seiberg-Witten curves and Nekrasov partition functions. We cross-check our results with the 5D super-conformal index proposed by Kim, Kim and Lee. Through the AGTW correspondence, we discuss the relations between 5D superconformal indices and n -point functions of the q -deformed W N Toda theories.

Nyckelord: Supersymmetry and Duality, Topological Strings, M-Theory

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