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Final report EEVC European Enhanced Vehicle-safety Committee Ad-Hoc Group on Whiplash Injuries and EEVC WG12 Advanced Anthropometric Adult Crash Dummies

Mats Y. Svensson (Institutionen för maskin- och fordonssystem, Teknisk trafiksäkerhet) ; François Bermond ; Tjark Kreuzinger ; Antonio Dal Monte ; Hans Cappon ; Adrian Roberts ; Eric Song ; Wolfram Hell ; Giorgio Lanzetto ; Anders Kullgren ; Matthew Avery
: European Enhanced Vehicle Safety Committee, EEVC, 2002. - 30 s.

Summary Several proposals for a test procedure for neck injury protection assessment have been published. A good deal of data are available to serve as a basis for the choice of; test set-up (e.g. full vehicle test, sled test), accident severity (delta-v, acceleration characteristic) and crash dummy type. There is however a lack of information regarding the choice of a neck injury criterion and a tolerance level. There are however promising activities under way, for instance in the ongoing EU-project "Whiplash II". The EEVC ad-hoc working group on whiplash injuries recommends that a new EEVC activity on rear impact is established. Although much research work has taken place there are still significant gaps in the knowledge base, before a full regulatory test procedures can be fully adopted. The ad-hoc group feels that a new EEVC activity would have an important role to play in initiating and evaluating new research to fill these gaps. Future tasks for any new EEVC activity would include: a) Test procedures b) Test devices (crash dummies). c) Assessment criteria d) Validation

Nyckelord: Whiplash Injury, Rear end collision, Neck injury, Cervical Spine Distortion, Crash Dummy, Injury Criterion,

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