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Shape coexistence and high-K states in 74Se populated following the β decay of 74Br

E.A. McCutchan ; C.J. Lister ; T. Ahn ; V. Anagnostatou ; N.G. Cooper ; M. Elvers ; P.M. Goddard ; Andreas Martin Heinz (Institutionen för fundamental fysik, Subatomär fysik) ; G. Ilie ; D. Radeck ; D. Savran ; V. Werner
Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics (0556-2813). Vol. 87 (2013), 1,
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

Excited states in 74Se were populated following the ε/β + decay of 74Br, mainly from the J=K=4, 13.8-keV β-decaying isomer. Off-beam γ-ray spectroscopy was performed with the array of Clover HPGe detectors at WNSL Yale. Many new transitions were observed and rigorous spin assignments were made based on γ-γ angular correlations. The β-decay strength was found to proceed almost entirely to a few high-lying states near 4500 keV, which are consistent with deformed two-quasineutron high-K configurations. These doorway states then provide an effective tool for populating and identifying the lower prolate structures. Once categorized, the low-lying states of 74Se can be described as a set of near-spherical vibrational levels mixing strongly with a spectrum of prolate states which have an unperturbed bandhead near 1350 keV. © 2013 American Physical Society.

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