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Intermodala transporter och SJ/Green Cargos utvecklingsprojekt Lättkombi

Intermodal transport and SJ/Green Cargo's development project Light-combi

Johan Woxenius (Institutionen för transportteknik)
Göteborg : Chalmers University of Technology, 2003.

This report is part of a research effort analysing Green Cargo's development of the intermodal transport concept Light-combi. In order to make the report worth reading and valuable for a little wider context than just the Light-combi concept, it is introduced with some rather general chapters about intermodal transport. After that an 'is-value' is presented as state-of-the-art and then a chapter is dedicated to a scenario, i.e. an 'ought-to-value' for the development in Europe in a 5 to 10 years horizon. The scenario is presented in detail in English in the appendix. Then ongoing trends and development projects are evaluated in the perspective of paths between 'is-value' and 'ought-to-value'. Then the scope is narrowed to evaluating development projects relevant to the Light-combi development project. The last chapter then presents the development plans behind the concept Light-combi and how they changed during the project. Parts of the report are previously written with funding from NUTEK, SJ/Green Cargo, Banverket and Vinnova, but this extended and largely updated version is made possible with a scholarship from The Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers' Environmental fund and Banco Fonder.

Nyckelord: combined transport, intermodal transport, Light-combi, Green Cargo, environmental effects

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