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Energy efficiency and preservation. System thinking in a multiple case study.

Heidi Norrström (Institutionen för arkitektur)
Cultural Heritage Preservation edited by Alexandra Troi and Elena Lucchi. EWCHP-2013. 3rd European Workshop on Cultural Heritage Preservation, EURAC Research, European Academy of Bolzano.16-18 September 2013. Vol. 3rd (2013), p. 203-210.
[Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat]

The research project EEPOCH consists of a multiple case study. It has been carried out over three years, studying selected buildings restored within the Halland Model. EEPOCH was permeated by traditional system thinking for solving complicated problems during its first two years. Now in phase two a more complex approach is used as a complement, here called systemic thinking. The research design provides a methodology with a strong yet permissive structure for mixed methods, approaches and units of analysis. The overall approach is multidisciplinary, and extends across multiple fields. The units of analysis are energy efficiency, cultural and historic value, architectural values and use value, management and teamwork, laws and regulation. All units are applied on the selected buildings and on the teamwork in the conservation that was carried out. Appropriate methods have been chosen for each part and the results show that there are possible actions to recommend. Important methods are interviewing professionals and organising workshops. Professionals engaged in the heritage sector are participating, contributing with their experience and expertise and directing the research. Economic, environmental and social sustainability are uniting approaches in the necessary cooperation. There are two overall research objectives. The first is to design a theoretical model that is sustainable and application-oriented for an integrated balancing of energy and preservation demands. Could this be performed without diminishing the tangible and intangible values in our built heritage? The second is to explore and design a theoretical model for cooperation between involved professions and for a good working climate in the preservation process.

Nyckelord: Multiple case study, system thinking, energy efficiency, cultural and historic values, multidisciplinarity.

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