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Manifest superconformal covariance in six-dimensional (2,0) theory

Pär Arvidsson (Institutionen för fundamental fysik, Elementarpartikelfysik)
Journal of High Energy Physics Vol. 03 (2006), p. 076.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

A superconformal generalization of Dirac's formalism for manifest conformal covariance is presented and applied to the free (2,0) tensor multiplet field theory in six dimensions. A graded symmetric superfield, defined on a supercone in a higher-dimensional superspace is introduced. This superfield transforms linearly under the transformations of the supergroup OSp(8*|4), which is the superconformal group of the six-dimensional (2,0) theory. We find the relationship between the new superfield and the conventional (2,0) superfields in six dimensions and show that the implied superconformal transformation laws are correct. Finally, we present a manifestly conformally covariant constraint on the supercone, which reduces to the ordinary differential constraint for the superfields in the six-dimensional space-time.

Nyckelord: Field Theories in Higher Dimensions, Space-Time Symmetries, Superspaces

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