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Participatory Planning Processes: Chances for New Knowledge in urban Politics?

P Moser ; R Skogheim ; Knut Strömberg (Institutionen för arkitektur)
Production and Use of Urban Knowledge. European experiences, Springer Science & Business Dordrecht 2013. In Andersen, H., T., Atkinson, R., (Eds.), (2013) p. 81-102. (2013)

Three distinct frameworks of participatory planning processes in three different European cities are being analysed: Oslo/Norway, Göteborg/Sweden, and Vienna/Austria. The ease of access of knowledge to the process was the decisive criterion defining each frame. Apart from the lessons that the involved actors have learned from each individual case the text also tries to present conclusions drawn from a comparative analysis. The look at the three cases from the outside offers additional insights which usually remain out of focus: the generation and organisation of urban knowledge under differently structured planning processes, its' determining constraints, and the traceability of the impact of urban knowledge on the planning process.

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