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Systems Perspectives on Biorefineries 2013

Björn A. Sandén (Institutionen för energi och miljö, Miljösystemanalys) ; Karin Pettersson (Institutionen för energi och miljö, Värmeteknik och maskinlära)
[Bok, med redaktör]

Replacing fossil fuels with biomass for the production of energy carriers, materials and specialty chemicals is a challenge that now confronts humanity. In which applications shall we use limited resources of biomass? How can biomass be refined into the products we want? What are the consequences of demanding too much? What is an optimal design of a biorefinery? Where should they be located? What policy instruments are required to realise the biorefineries of the future? There is not one final answer to these questions. However, different systems studies can provide us with complementary pieces of the puzzle. These can be valuable by themselves, or be brought together into a larger and more complex picture. Systems Perspectives on Biorefineries 2013 is an updated edition of Systems Perspectives on Biorefineries 2012 and contains twelve chapters that address different topics related to the immensely important issue of how the world’s biomass resources can, or should, be converted into the goods we need and desire. The book is still far from complete, but it is a contribution and a start...

Nyckelord: bioenergy, biomass, biofuel, biomaterial, resource, land-use, process, sustainability, environment, technology assessment, innovation, transition

A book in Chalmers series of Evolving E-books "Systems Perspectives On".

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