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Biocatalytic membrane reactors for the removal of recalcitrant and emerging pollutants from wastewater

Faisal Ibney Hai ; Long Duc Nghiem ; Oskar Modin (Institutionen för bygg- och miljöteknik, Vatten Miljö Teknik)
Handbook of Membrane Reactors Volume 2: Reactor types and industrial applications p. 763-807. (2013)

The potential fields of application of the biocatalytic membrane reactors have widened considerably in the recent years. Although biocatalytic membrane reactors, in general, are yet to achieve broad industrial applications, in the not too far future, they are expected to play a major role not only for the production, transformation and valorization of raw materials but also for environmental remediations. This chapter comprehensively reviews the laboratory scale studies which demonstrate the potential of biocatalytic membrane reactors in wastewater treatment applications. Studies reported in the literature, however, serves as proof of concept only. Issues that need to be addressed in order to achieve scale-up of such systems have been discussed in this chapter.

Nyckelord: biocatalysis, membrane, enzyme, emerging pollutants, membrane bioreactors

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