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Enhanced tunable performance of high Q-factor BaxSr1-xTiO3 film bulk acoustic wave resonators

Andrei Vorobiev (Institutionen för mikroteknologi och nanovetenskap, Terahertz- och millimetervågsteknik ) ; Spartak Gevorgian (Institutionen för mikroteknologi och nanovetenskap, Terahertz- och millimetervågsteknik )
International Journal of Microwave and Wireless Technologies (1759-0787). Vol. 5 (2013), 3, p. 361-369.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

Emerging intrinsically tunable film bulk acoustic wave(BAW) resonators allow the development of new generation reconfigurable and agile microwave circuits. In this paper, we demonstrate the enhancement of tunable performance of the high Q-factor BaxSr1-xTiO3 BAW - solidly mounted resonators (BAW-SMR) by varying Ba concentration. The Ba0.5Sr0.5TiO3 BAW-SMR reveal tunability of series resonance frequency up to 2.4%, electromechanical coupling coefficient up to 7.5% and rather high Q-factor, up to 250 at 5.3 GHz. Correlations between the measured electroacoustic parameters are analyzed using the theory of dc field-induced piezoelectric effect in paraelectric phase ferroelectrics. Higher coupling coefficient and tunability of resonance frequency of the Ba0.5Sr0.5TiO3 BAW-SMR are associated with higher tunability of permittivity. Strong anisotropy in field-induced piezoelectric effect is predicted with highest coupling coefficient in (001) direction of the BaxSr1-xTiO3 films. It is also shown that the tunability of series resonance frequency of Ba0.5Sr0.5TiO3 BAW-SMR is limited by relatively high and negative nonlinear electrostriction coefficient which is found to be m approximate to -4.10(10) m/F. The BAW-SMR Q-factor is limited significantly by extrinsic acoustic loss associated with wave scattering at reflection from relatively rough top interface. The results of analysis show possible ways of further improvement of the performance of tunable BAW-SMR.

Nyckelord: New and emerging technologies and materials, Passive components and circuits

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