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Time-domain fatigue assessment of ship side-shell structures

Zhiyuan Li (Institutionen för sjöfart och marin teknik, Marine Design) ; Jonas Ringsberg (Institutionen för sjöfart och marin teknik, Marine Design) ; Gaute Storhaug
International Journal of Fatigue (0142-1123). Vol. 55 (2013), 1, p. 276-290.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

Loads acting on ship side-shell structures are complex and vary randomly over time. The current study proposes a direct calculation procedure for the fatigue assessment of ship side-shell structures. The calculation procedure is characterised by nonlinear time-domain hydrodynamic simulations followed by finite element (FE) analyses. Sensitivity and feasibility analyses of the proposed time-domain procedure were carried out, and the calculated fatigue damages were compared with full-scale measurements made on a container vessel. Fatigue life analyses were carried out by both the spectral method and the time-domain approach. In addition, two approaches for local stress analysis are presented and discussed: an engineering-based definition of the stress concentration factor (SCF) and a proposed local stress factor (LSF) that utilises stress ranges extracted from the stress history. The results from the fatigue analysis using the LSF indicated a shorter fatigue life than the results obtained using the SCF. This difference is observed because the LSF accounts for the effects of wave-induced loads under ship operation conditions in a more realistic manner.

Nyckelord: Fatigue, full-scale measurement, nonlinear time-domain approach, ship side-shell structure, stress concentration factor

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