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How Networks and Sectoral Conditions Affect Commercialization in a Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurial Venture in the Medical Technology Industry: A case study of Aerocrine

Jens Laage-Hellman (Institutionen för teknikens ekonomi och organisation) ; Maureen McKelvey
Dynamics of Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurship : Business Strategy and Public Policy/Edited by Franco Malerba, Yannis Caloghirou, Maureen McKelvey, Slavo Radoševic p. 265-288. (2015)
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This chapter focuses upon the development of a KIE venture in the medical technology sector in Sweden. The case study described and analyzed in this chapter is very specific, but it also provides insights into the more general processes about developing and managing a KIE venture. So although the KIE venture is located in Sweden, the dimensions related to market, and indeed increasingly those related to finance and production, are global. In the context of this book, this chapters show how networks and specific conditions in the sectoral systems of innovation influence the development and performance of a knowledge intensive entrepreneurial (KIE) venture.

Nyckelord: entrepreneurship, medical technology, academic spin-off

Series: Routledge Studies in Innovation, Organizations and Technology http://www.sponpress.com/books/details/9781138025288/

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