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The globalization and stagnation of the ICT sectors in European countries: An input-output analysis

Ibrahim Kholilul Rohman (Institutionen för teknikens ekonomi och organisation, Teknik och samhälle)
Telecommunications Policy (0308-5961). Vol. 37 (2013), 4-5, p. 387-399.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

Recent studies of European countries indicate that the contribution of the ICT sectors to the regional economy is weakening and slowing economic growth. The present study investigates the contribution of the ICT sectors to economic performance in the European economies using Input–Output (IO) methodology. The results indicate that: (1) the multiplier effect of the ICT sectors on the rest of the economy declined significantly during the period 2000–2005 compared with 1995–2000; and (2) the decline in the output of the ICT sectors can be attributed to the loss of export advantages and technical change gains in the sectors. The results show an inability of the sectors to grasp the international market, most likely a consequence of the lack of anticipation of more rapid innovation in emerging countries.

Nyckelord: Structural change, Economic growth, ICT sectors, Input–output, Multiplier, Globalization, Europe

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