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Low temperature oxides deposited by remote plasma enhanced CVD

Lars-Åke Ragnarsson (Institutionen för fasta tillståndets elektronik) ; Stefan Bengtsson (Institutionen för fasta tillståndets elektronik) ; Mats O. Andersson (Institutionen för fasta tillståndets elektronik) ; Ulf Södervall (Institutionen för fysik)
Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Ultra-Clean Processing of Silicon Surfaces (UCPSS '94) p. 117. (1994)
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

A remote plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (RPECVD) process was used to prepare SiO2-Si structures at ~300°C. The best midgap interface trap densities, Ditm, as obtained by C-V techniques are 6-8×1010 cm-2eV-1 for SiO2-Si(100) and 2-3×1011 cm-2eV-1 for SiO2-Si(111)

Nyckelord: capacitance, dielectric thin films, electron traps, elemental semiconductors, hole traps, integrated circuit technology, interface states, plasma CVD, silicon, silicon compounds

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