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SPFM pre-cleaning for formation of silicon interfaces by wafer bonding

Stefan Bengtsson (Institutionen för fasta tillståndets elektronik) ; Karin Ljungberg
Science and Technology of Semiconductor Surface Preparation. Symposium p. 267. (1997)
[Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat]

The use of H2SO4-H2O2-HF (SPFM) at low HF concentrations (10 to 1000 ppm) has been investigated as the preparation procedure prior to formation of Si-Si interfaces by wafer bonding. The SPFM cleaning process makes it possible to form a hydrophilic (OH terminated) silicon surface, thereby achieving a spontaneous and strong room temperature bond. Electrical characterization using current vs. voltage and spreading resistance measurements shows that this cleaning procedure can be used to form Si-Si junctions with excellent electrical properties. Some of the problems related to hydrophobic wafer bonding can thus be circumvented by the proposed technique

Nyckelord: electric current, electric resistance, elemental semiconductors, integrated circuit technology, integrated circuit testing, semiconductor junctions, silicon, surface cleaning, wafer bonding

SPFM pre-cleaning silicon interface formation wafer bonding H2SO4-H2O2-HF SPFM cleaning solution HF concentration preparation procedure Si-Si interfaces SPFM cleaning process hydrophilic OH terminated silicon surface room temperature bond electrical characterization spreading resistance measurements cleaning procedure Si-Si junctions electrical properties hydrophobic wafer bonding Si H2SO4-H2O2-HF Si:OH

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