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Corrosion influence on bond in reinforced concrete

Congqi Fang (Institutionen för konstruktionsteknik, Betongbyggnad) ; Karin Lundgren (Institutionen för konstruktionsteknik, Betongbyggnad) ; Liuguo Chen ; Chaoying Zhu
Cement and Concrete Research (0008-8846). Vol. 34 (2004), 11, p. 2159-2167.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

The bond between reinforcing steel and the surrounding concrete can be deteriorated by corrosion. Pullout tests were carried out to evaluate the effects of corrosion on bond and bond-slip behavior, for a series of specimens with varying reinforcement corrosion levels between 0% and 9%, and for specimens with and without stirrups that provide confinement. Specimens with both smooth and deformed bars were tested. The tests were designed to provide the data required to assess the bond properties, including the ultimate bond strength and free-end slip for various degrees of corrosion under pullout loads. The specimens were tested in an NITS testing machine on which loads, slips and displacements were recorded. Some conclusions have been reached based on the test results.

Nyckelord: reinforcement corrosion, bond strength, reinforcement, concrete

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