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Protecting Security Policies in Ubiquitous Environments Using One-Way Functions

Håkan Kvarnström (Institutionen för datorteknik) ; Hans Hedbom (Institutionen för datorteknik, Datasäkerhet) ; Erland Jonsson (Institutionen för datorteknik)
LECTURE NOTES IN COMPUTER SCIENCE (0302-9743). Vol. 2802 (2004), p. 71-85.
[Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat]

This paper addresses the problem of protecting security policies and other security-related information in security mechanisms, such as the detection policy of an Intrusion Detection System or the filtering policy of a firewall. Unauthorized disclosure of such information can reveal the fundamental principles and methods for the protection of the whole network, especially in ubiquitous environments where a large number of nodes store knowledge about the security policy of their domain. To avoid this risk we suggest a scheme for protecting stateless security policies using one-way functions. A stateless policy is one that only takes into consideration, the current event, and not the preceding chain of events, when decisions are made. The scheme has a simple and basic design but can still be used for practical implementations, as illustrated in two examples in real-life enviroments. Further research aims to extend the scheme to stateful policies.

Conference: 1st International Conference on Security in Pervasive Computing Location: Boppard, GERMANY Date: MAR 12-14, 2003

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