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Tracer diffusion of boron in alpha-Ti and gamma-TiAl

S. V. Divinski ; F. Hisker ; T. Wilger ; Milan Friesel (Institutionen för teknisk fysik) ; C. Herzig
Intermetallics (0966-9795). Vol. 16 (2008), 2, p. 148-155.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

Tracer diffusion of boron in pure alpha-Ti and gamma-TiAl (54 at.% A]) was measured by secondary ion mass spectroscopy using the stable B-11 isotope. The diffusion coefficients follow Arrhenius temperature dependencies with the frequency factors D-0 = 4.2 x 10(-6) and 2.48 x 10(-5) m(2) s(-1) and the activation enthalpies Q = 113 and 200 kJ mol(-1) for B diffusion in polycrystalline alpha-Ti and gamma-TiAl, respectively. Boron is a fast diffuser in both Ti and TiAl. The ratio of boron and titanium diffusivities is as large as 10(6)-10(7) in alpha-Ti and amounts to 10(3)-10(4) in gamma-TiAl. These results indicate a diffusion mechanism involving interstitial jumps. The relatively high activation enthalpy of B diffusion in gamma-TiAl is explained by the structure of the octahedral sites in the intermetallic compound.

Nyckelord: titanium aluminides, based on TiAl, diffusion, defects : point defects, self-diffusion, single-crystal, solute diffusion, titanium, alloys, zr, al, microstructure, behavior, barrier

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