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Chemical-Looping Combustion of Solid Fuels – Operational Experiences in 100 kW Dual Circulating Fluidized Bed System

Anders Lyngfelt (Institutionen för energi och miljö, Energiteknik) ; Pontus Markström (Institutionen för energi och miljö, Energiteknik) ; Carl Linderholm (Institutionen för energi och miljö, Energiteknik)
Energy Procedia: International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Technologies (GHGT) (1876-6102). Vol. 37 (2013), p. 608-617.
[Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat]

Results from the first year of operation of a 100 kW chemical-looping combustor for solid fuels are presented. Gas measurements showed the presence of unconverted gas from the fuel reactor. With bituminous coal the gas conversion was up to 84%, and significantly higher with low-volatile fuel and char. The gas conversion was strongly dependent on solids inventory in the fuel reactor. A CO2 capture up to 98-99% was reached. The unit worked well and operation was stable. The operation shows the viability of this technology, which has unique potential for breakthrough in cost and energy penalty of CO2 capture.

Nyckelord: CO2 capture; chemical-looping combustion; solid fuel

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