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Knowledge Acquisition and Modeling in Clinical Information Systems: A Case Study

G. Falkman ; Olof Torgersson (Institutionen för datavetenskap)
Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 13th International Conference, EKAW 2002 Sigüenza, Spain, October 1–4, 2002 (0302-9743). Vol. 2473 (2002), p. 96-101.
[Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat]

The goal of the MedView project is to develop models, methods, and tools to support clinicians in their daily work and research. MedView is based on a formal declarative model, which constitutes the main governing principle in MedView, not only in the formalization of knowledge, but in visualization models and in the design and implementation of individual tools and the system as a whole as well. Tools are provided for modeling, acquiring, and sharing knowledge, and for visualization and analysis of data.

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