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A Structured Approach to Computer Security

Tomas Olovsson (Institutionen för datorteknik)
Göteborg : Chalmers University of Technology, 1992. - 33 s.

Security and dependability are two closely connected areas. Recently, some attempts have been made to integrate the two concepts by integrating security into the more general topic of dependability. This paper describes security concepts and gives a survey of security terminology. It also establishes a taxonomy reflecting concepts within the security area which enables the integration of security and dependability. Special concern is given to the problems which inevitably arise from the integration, for example, a somewhat different definition of security is introduced. This paper does not pretend to cover every single mechanism found in security, but is rather an attempt to create a taxonomy for security analysis, estimation and design; a taxonomy that should be useful for further research within this area.

Nyckelord: computer security, dependability, reliability, faults

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