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Towards quantitative three-dimensional characterisation of buried InAs quantum dots

S. Kadkhodazadeh ; E. S. Semenova ; M. Schubert ; Mattias Thuvander (Institutionen för teknisk fysik, Mikroskopi och mikroanalys) ; Krystyna Stiller (Institutionen för teknisk fysik, Mikroskopi och mikroanalys) ; K. Yvind ; R. E. Dunin-Borkowski
Journal of Physics: Conference Series (1742-6588). Vol. 326 (2011), 1,
[Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat]

InAs quantum dots grown on InP or InGaAsP are used for optical communication applications operating in the 1.3 - 1.55 μm wavelength range. It is generally understood that the optical properties of such dots are highly dependent on their structural and chemical profiles. However, morphological and compositional measurements of quantum dots using transmission electron microscopy can be ambiguous because the recorded signal is usually a projection through the thickness of the specimen. Here, we discuss the application of scanning transmission electron microscopy tomography to the morphological and chemical characterisation of surface and buried quantum dots. We highlight some of the challenges involved and introduce a new specimen preparation method for creating needle-shaped specimens that each contain multiple dots and are suitable for both scanning transmission electron microscopy tomography and atom probe tomography.

Nyckelord: Atom probe tomography, Chemical profiles, Communication application, InAs quantum dots, InGaAsP, InP, New specimen, Recorded signals, Scanning transmission electron microscopy, Wavelength ranges

7th International Conference on Microscopy of Semiconducting Materials 2011;Cambridge

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