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Urban Cultures as a field of knowledge and learning

Daniel Gillberg ; Ylva Berglund ; Helene Brembeck (Centrum för konsumtionsvetenskap (CFK) ; Institutionen för kulturvetenskaper ; Mistra Urban Futures) ; Olle Stenbäck (Institutionen för kulturvetenskaper ; Mistra Urban Futures)
Göteborg : Mistra Urban Futures, 2012. - 39 s.

Six groups of practitioners and researchers within Mistra Urban Futures have explored a number of urban development themes: Qualities, Resilience, Access, Commons, Cultures, Transformation. "Urban Cultures" is the first paper to be presented. It focuses on the relationship of how urban life is shaped by and, in turn, shapes urban environment. It is written by Daniel Gillberg (ed), Ylva Berglund, Olle Stenbäck and Helene Brembeck.

Nyckelord: Mistra Urban Futures, Urban Cultures, Mistra Urban Futures Papers, Urbanum, Etnologi, Centrum för konsumtionsforskning, CFK, urban movements, collaborative consumption, immaterial culture infrastructure, public space and democracy, enabling cities, individualized societies, ethnology, DIY, urban design, urban sports

Mistra Urban Futures Papers 2012:1

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