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Direct Transition from Quantum Escape to a Phase Diffusion Regime in YBaCuO Biepitaxial Josephson Junctions

L. Longobardi ; D. Massarotti ; D. Stornaiuolo ; L. Galletti ; G. Rotoli ; Floriana Lombardi (Institutionen för mikroteknologi och nanovetenskap, Kvantkomponentfysik) ; F. Tafuri
Physical Review Letters (0031-9007). Vol. 109 (2012), 5,
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

Dissipation encodes the interaction of a quantum system with the environment and regulates the activation regimes of a Brownian particle. We have engineered grain boundary biepitaxial YBaCuO junctions to drive a direct transition from a quantum activated running state to a phase diffusion regime. The crossover to the quantum regime is tuned by the magnetic field and dissipation is described by a fully consistent set of junction parameters. To unravel phase dynamics in moderately damped systems is of general interest for advances in the comprehension of retrapping phenomena and in view of quantum hybrid technology.

Nyckelord: zero-voltage state, thermal-activation, tunnel-junctions, dissipation, single, decay, dynamics, return, qubit

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