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A parallel method for time-discretization of parabolic problems based on contour integral representation and quadrature

D Sheen ; I. H. Sloan ; Vidar Thomée (Institutionen för matematik)
Math. Comp. (0025-5718). Vol. 69 (2000), 229, p. 177–195.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

We treat the time discretization of an initial-value problem for a homogeneous abstract parabolic equation by first using a representation of the solution as an integral along the boundary of a sector in the right half of the complex plane, then transforming this into a real integral on the finite interval , and finally applying a standard quadrature formula to this integral. The method requires the solution of a finite set of elliptic problems with complex coefficients, which are independent and may therefore be done in parallel. The method is combined with spatial discretization by finite elements.

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