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A New Pillar Geometry for Heterostructure Barrier Varactor Diodes

Byron Alderman ; Jan Stake (Institutionen för mikroelektronik) ; Lars Dillner (Institutionen för mikroelektronik) ; D.P. Steenson ; Mattias Ingvarson (Institutionen för mikroelektronik) ; Erik L. Kollberg (Institutionen för mikroelektronik) ; Chris M. Mann ; J.M Chamberlain
12th International Symposium on Space Terahertz Technology p. 330-339. (2001)
[Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat]

We report on a novel diode geometry, with reduced thermal resistance, for Heterostructure Barrier Varactor, HBV, diodes. The pillar geometry presented here involves the complete removal of the substrate, electrical contacted is made by the forward and reverse side processing of metallic pillars. We propose that there is a limit to the maximum number of barriers that can be used to increase the power capability of a HBV. An analytical model has been developed to study these effects. In considering the case of a perfect thermal heat sink the limit is found to be fourteen, in applying this model to the new pillar structure this is reduced to six.

Nyckelord: HBV, self-heating, thermal limitations

ISSTT 2001.

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