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Nanoreinforced xylan-cellulose composite foams by freeze-casting

Tobias Köhnke (Institutionen för kemi- och bioteknik, Skogsindustriell kemiteknik) ; A. Lin ; T. Elder ; Hans Theliander (Institutionen för kemi- och bioteknik, Skogsindustriell kemiteknik) ; A. J. Ragauskas
Green Chemistry (1463-9262). Vol. 14 (2012), 7, p. 1864-1869.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

Structured biofoams have been prepared from the readily available renewable biopolymer xylan by employing an ice-templating technique, where the pore morphology of the material can be controlled by the solidification conditions and the molecular structure of the polysaccharide. Furthermore, reinforcement of these biodegradable foams using cellulose nanocrystals shows potential for strongly improved mechanical properties.

Nyckelord: adsorption characteristics, hemicelluloses, biomaterials, scaffolds, path

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