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Workload when stowing parcels in trailers

Mats I. Johansson (Institutionen för transportteknik) ; Roland Örtengren (Institutionen för människa tekniksystem)
Logistik und Arbeit 4, p. 27-32. (1993)
[Artikel, övrig]

Loose-loading of trailers and other carriers in the distribution of parcels is discussed and also implemented by distributors in several countries for the purpose of increasing the utilisation of space. Loose-loading is monotonous and the risk of overload disorders among workers performing this type of work is high. This paper reports the results from an experimental study aiming at determining the workload and the accept¬able working pace when loose-loading parcels weighing up to 35 kg onto a trailer. The workload was assessed by measuring heart rate and by subjective rating of perceived exertion using the Borg scale. A biomechanical analysis of the postural load during lifting was also performed.

Presented at "Arbeit und Technik in Internationalen Spedition", Stralsund, 8 - 10 september, 1993.

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