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Using Repository Data To Attract the Researchers’ Attention and To Promote Research Outcomes – Publication Profiles@Chalmers

Urban Andersson (Chalmers bibliotek) ; Jonas Gilbert (Chalmers bibliotek)
33rd Annual IATUL Conference, 3 - 7 June 2012, Singapore, (2012)
[Konferensbidrag, poster]

How can the library use the extensive and well-structured data contained in the institutional repository to attract the researchers attention and to promote the research outcome of the university? Publication data is still usually presented in a traditional bibliographic style, in the form of publication lists and similar. But could this data also be used to present research activities and publications in a way that would get even more attention from users? This question has been underlying the initiative Publication Profiles at Chalmers. We have used data, already available in the local publication database – Chalmers Publication Database (CPL) - and data mining techniques, in order to aggregate profiles on multiple levels, such as • Individual researcher • Departement/Research Group • Subject Field • Strategic Areas of Advance

Nyckelord: institutional repositories, publication data, author profiles

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