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A combined tactile and Raman probe for tissue characterization - Design considerations

M. Nyberg ; Stefan Candefjord (Institutionen för signaler och system, Biomedicinsk elektromagnetik) ; V. Jalkanen ; Kerstin Ramser ; O. A. Lindahl
Measurement science and technology (0957-0233). Vol. 23 (2012), 6,
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

Histopathology is the golden standard for cancer diagnosis and involves the characterization of tissue components. It is labour intensive and time consuming. We have earlier proposed a combined fibre-optic near-infrared Raman spectroscopy (NIR-RS) and tactile resonance method (TRM) probe for detecting positive surgical margins as a complement to interoperative histopathology. The aims of this study were to investigate the effects of attaching an RS probe inside a cylindrical TRM sensor and to investigate how laser-induced heating of the fibre-optic NIR-RS affected the temperature of the RS probe tip and an encasing TRM sensor. In addition, the possibility to perform fibre-optic NIR-RS in a well-lit environment was investigated. A small amount of rubber latex was preferable for attaching the thin RS probe inside the TRM sensor. The temperature rise of the TRM sensor due to a fibre-optic NIR-RS at 270 mW during 20 s was less than 2 degrees C. Fibre-optic NIR-RS was feasible in a dimmed bright environment using a small light shield and automatic subtraction of a pre-recorded contaminant spectrum. The results are promising for a combined probe for tissue characterization.

Nyckelord: tactile sensor, Raman spectroscopy, biological tissue, optical-fiber probe, thermal-stability, resonance sensor, in-vitro, spectroscopy, temperature, stiffness, classification, subtraction, silicone

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