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Architect and structural engineer communicating in multi-disciplinary creativity

Laurens Luyten (Institutionen för arkitektur)
Structures & Architecture ICSA 2010 - 1st International Conference on Structures & Architecture, July 21-23 July, 2010 in Guimaraes, Portugal; Edited by Paulo J . S . Cruz p. 511–512. (2010)
[Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat]

A collaboration approach is presented for the design negotiation of the architect and the structural engineer. This approach wants to instigate a design process where architectural shape and structure are designed simultaneously, and design decisions are made within the logics, objectives and culture of both disciplines together. Starting from the techniques of multidisciplinary design optimization with quantifiable design parameters, a negotiation model is constructed for non-quantifiable design parameters. This model focuses on the communication through concepts during negotiation. This communication of the design proposition of the architectural shape and of the structure, has been further analyzed in this paper.

Nyckelord: Design decisions, Design negotiation, Design parameters, Design process, Multi-disciplinary, Multidisciplinary Design Optimization, Negotiation models, Structural engineer, Architecture, Combinatorial optimization, Communication, Design aids, Structural design

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