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Comments on "Managing resource interaction as a means to cope with technological change"

Kajsa Hulthén (Institutionen för teknikens ekonomi och organisation, Industriell marknadsföring)
Journal of Business Research (0148-2963). Vol. 65 (2012), 2, p. 196-197.
[Artikel, övrig vetenskaplig]

This commentary to the article by Chou and Zolkiewski (in this issue) discusses some consequences of their adoption of a focal net approach. First, emphasis is put on the perspective of the focal firm and boundary considerations in network analyses. This is followed by a discussion of how the roles of actors are dealt with, and its consequences. The commentary concludes that it is important how these issues are treated for determining what the case is about, how to analyze the case, and what conclusions that can be drawn.

Nyckelord: Adoption, Focal net, Boundary, Network analysis

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