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Some Considerations About Gas-Fuel Flow Evaluation in a Marine Turbocharged Diesel Engine

Savo Gjirja (Institutionen för energiteknik)
Göteborg : Chalmers University of Technology, 1982. - 15 s.

The amount of gas flow delivered by the turbocharger is a very important parameter for diesel performance evaluation. Insufficient air flow to the cylinders is frequently the main reason of anomalies in the combustion process, exhaust gas temperature, and consequently in thermal efficiency of diesel engines. Therefore, concerning the actual condition analysis of a diesel engine, there is room to discuss the methods for evaluation of the gas flow through turbochargers. On the other hand the amount of fuel delivered by fuel pump, indicates the amount of heat released inside the cylinders for normal combustion conditions; consequently, it has a great influence on diesel thermodynamic cycles. From this point of view, the diagnostic analysis system and diesel performance evaluation necessitate an accurate estimation of the fuel amount.

Nyckelord: Turbocharged Diesel Engines, Marine Engine

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