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Graphene-driven revolutions in ICT and beyond

Jari M. Kinaret (Institutionen för teknisk fysik, Kondenserade materiens teori) ; Andrea C. Ferrari ; Vladimir Fal'ko ; Jani Kivioja
Procedia Computer Science, 2nd European Future Technologies Conference and Exhibition 2011, FET 11, Budapest; 4 May through 6 May 2011 (1877-0509). Vol. 7 (2011), p. 30-33.
[Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat]

This session described the FET Flagship Pilot on graphene and related two-dimensional materials. The flagship targets a revolution in information and communication technology, with impacts reaching into other areas of the society. The session featured four talks on the scientific and technological potential and open research challenges within the scope of the proposed flagship, industrial view on possibilities and challenges posed by graphene and related materials, and presentation on the implementation and structure of the flagship pilot.

Nyckelord: FET flagship, Graphene

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