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Effects of planned expansion of waste incineration in the Swedish district heating systems

Jenny Sahlin (Institutionen för energiteknik) ; David Knutsson (Institutionen för energiteknik) ; Tomas Ekvall (Institutionen för energiteknik)
Resources Conservation and Recycling Vol. 41 (2004), 4, p. 279-292.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

Abstract Recent targets for reduced amounts of waste to landfills in Sweden will result in a large increase in waste incineration with recovery of energy, used primarily for district heating. The aim of this study is to investigate what changes in the usage of other fuels and technologies for district heat production would be caused by this increase. A questionnaire was sent out to the largest district heating companies, and simulations in an energy systems model were carried out. The analysis shows that increased waste incineration reduces the demand for other fuels, especially biomass, for district heat production. The effects include reductions in operating hours as well as the avoidance or postponement of investments in new plants for district heat production. Increased waste incineration will also lead to a greater use of district heating in Sweden.

Nyckelord: waste management, waste incineration, district heating, combined heat and power (CHP), municipal solid waste (MSW), questionnaire, model.

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