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EU FP7 INFSO-ICT-247223 ARTIST4G, D6.1 First feedback on implementation aspects connected to the selected innovations

Johannes Koppenborg ; Cornelis Hoek ; Michael Grieger ; Fabian Diehm ; Denis Dutoit ; Dimitri Kténas ; Rabih Chrabieh ; Serdar Sezginer ; Mikael Sternad ; Tommy Svensson (Institutionen för signaler och system, Kommunikationssystem) ; Wolfgang Zirwas
: EU FP7 INFSO-ICT-247223 ARTIST4G consortium, 2011. - 47 s.

This deliverable will enable an early feedback on the implemented schemes, such as implicit assumptions not considered before, or issues connected to robustness, complexity etc., that might require a refinement of the schemes in WP1-WP3.

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