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The Method of Equivalent Dipole Moments (MEDM) - a Novel CBFM Approach for the Fast and Accurate Solution of Dielectric-Scattering Problems

Majid Naeem (Institutionen för signaler och system) ; Rob Maaskant (Institutionen för signaler och system, Antenner) ; D. kant ; Per-Simon Kildal (Institutionen för signaler och system, Antenner) ; R. Mittra
Proceedings - 13th International Conference on Electromagnetics in Advanced Applications, ICEAA'11, Torino, 12-16 September 2011, s. 1013-1016 p. 1013-1016. (2011)
[Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat]

High-resolution basis functions are em- ployed for accurate modelling of electromagnetic scattering from dielectric objects. It is shown that the field radiated by each of these micro basis func- tions resembles the dipole field, even in the imme- diate vicinity of its cubic support. This, in turn, significantly eases the computational burden of gen- erating the off-diagonal elements of the moment matrix. Furthermore, the on-diagonal self-term is known analytically and only governed by the electro- static field (electrodynamic part is negligible). This method has been hybridised with the Characteris- tic Basis Function Method (CBFM) and the Adap- tive Cross Approximation (ACA) algorithm to re- duce both the size and generation time of the mo- ment matrix equation. It is demonstrated that the proposed method, herein referred to as MEDM, is not only fast and memory efficient but it also gener- ates an accurate solution of scattering problems as- sociated with complex-shaped, thin and electrically large objects.

Nyckelord: Adaptive cross approximation algorithms, Basis functions, Characteristic basis function methods, Computational burden, Dielectric objects, Dielectric scattering, Dipole fields, Electrically large objects, Electromagnetic scattering, Electrostatic field, Generation time, High resolution, matrix, Matrix equations, Memory efficient, Off-diagonal elements, Scattering problems, Approximation algorithms, Electromagnetism, Matrix algebra, Scattering

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