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Reference mass spectra of pentoses and methylated pentoses

Trimethylsilyl derivatives

Göran Petersson (Institutionen för teknisk kemi)
Archives of Mass Spectral Data Vol. 1 (1970), p. 666-681.
[Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig]

Certified mass spectra (70 eV) as tables of relative abundance and as bar graphs are given for trimethylsilyl derivatives of aldopentoses. From specific fragment ions, the number and position of O-methyl groups can be assessed for unknown methylated pentoses as outlined in a previous article (link).

Nyckelord: monosaccharides, aldoses, methylation analysis, Me3Si derivatives, GC - MS, structure determination

Publication was invited by professor Einar Stenhagen. Together with professor Sixten Abrahamsson and the legendary professor Fred McLafferty he started up Archives of Mass Spectral Data as an early effert to collect high-quality reference spectra.

The spectra of pentoses were also included in the PhD thesis of Göran Petersson.

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